Feminine Embodiment and Flow with Chelsey Wildfire


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In this powerful episode, Cassandra welcomes the incredible Chelsey Wildfire. This potent episode is all things feminine embodiment, healing patterns, creating safety in your life and leaning into your feminine. Chelsey provides such deep wisdom into healing and finding your purpose through finding balance in your feminine masculine.

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Together they talk about:

  • What patterns indicate in our lives
  • Self worth and the healing journey
  • The pause of the pandemic
  • How to instill safety into your body
  • How to lean into your feminine
  • The importance of boundaries
  • What patterns in relationships can mean
  • And so much more

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Chelsey Wildfire, a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Soul Guide and Fearless Leader, is inspiring a global movement of women to ignite their inner flame, reclaim their power, love themselves more and break repeating patterns. She has a background in yoga, embodiment coaching, reiki and women's circles paired with her connection to Spirit and her own intuition. The way she combines energy medicine to bring the soul through a journey within and without is powerful yet blissful. Her ability to hold space for large groups through deep ceremony and transformation has been deeply appreciated for many years now. Her services include Feminine Embodiment Coaching, Mentorship, Soul Sessions, Women's Circles and Ceremonies. Topics she is well versed in are manifestation, releasing ceremonies, womb healing, cord cutting, self-love, inner child healing, shame work, and feminine energy. Her authentic passion for growth and healing inspires everyone she meets.

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Get a free 30 minute call to find clarity on your own limiting beliefs, ignite your inner flame and be a catalyst for your fierce feminine to thrive with Chelsey https://calendly.com/chelseywildfire/discover

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