Healing Patterns in Relationships and Reclaiming Our Power with Lee Noto


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In this episode Cassandra welcomes the beautiful Lee Noto to the CYCLICAL Podcast! Delving into deep topics like sensuality, wounded relationships and patterns that follow us into every relationship, this episode will offer everyone something.

If you’ve felt in a rut in your relationship or feel like you’re watching patterns continue to play out, this is KEY to listen to! Lee does a beautiful job in reminding all of us that we don’t have to play victim and blame all of our previous partners but we also don’t have to take all the blame and shame ourselves. There IS another path.

In this episode, they talk about:

  • Lee’s story with relationships and previous trauma and how she shifted that
  • Where relationships beliefs are formed in our lives
  • Signs that we’re operating from patterns vs. true embodiment
  • Signs you’re living from the wounded feminine
  • Signs you’re living from the wounded masculine
  • What it means when you see patterns in your romantic relationships over the years
  • What is right? Playing victim? Or blaming ourselves? What other options exist?
  • Does the body really keep score?
  • What it looks like to be in a wounded relationship
  • How to transition into a conscious relationship
  • How to tap into sensuality and release the fight or flight protection mechanisms
  • Three places you can begin to come back into your sovereign power

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Lee guides women on a journey to embodying their Inner High Priestess, so that they can create deep, intimate partnership. Her mission is to help women feel empowered and free in their expression.

In her “past life,” she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Entrepreneurship and her Master’s Degree in Education. From teaching in the classrooms of Hawaii to running multiple businesses in New York City, she has a reverence for nature, learning, and quick wit.

In “this life,” Lee is a master coach with certifications in holistic coaching and transformational coaching, and has deep study in personal development, sacred sexuality, and spirituality.

She shares powerful communication tools and somatic practices that allow clients to connect deeply to their emotions and bodies.

By guiding clients into deeper self-love, self-acceptance, curiosity, and play, Lee helps them boldly open their hearts in order to give and receive the epic love they desire.

She is most loved for her ability to hold a safe space for clients to step into their power and create a bliss-filled life.

You can find Lee dancing in the park, singing aloud, or talking in various accents for her own entertainment. :p

Website: https://www.leenoto.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leenoto_/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leenoto1

Get Lee’s FREE meditation: https://leenoto.mykajabi.com/free-meditation

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