PMS and Period Hell to a Balanced Cycle + Life with Nicole Regele


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In this episode, Cassandra welcomes Period Reboot alumni Nicole Regele to talk about what it REALLY means to transform your cyclical health. After struggling with 60+ day cycles, severe PMS that heavily affected her relationship, sleep disturbances, IBS like symptoms, dark clotty periods, severe period pain and watching her hair fall out, Nicole was tired of trying birth control to address her periods. Seeking something to help her, she joined Period Reboot during the first round.

Her transformation is nothing short of extraordinary, and will make you SO READY and so excited to take action with your period health!

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Together they talk about:

  • What Nicole’s previous cycles and health looked like
  • How birth control affected her
  • The point she was at when she was ready to find help and support
  • How Period Reboot transformed her life and the steps she took to rebalance her life
  • What she’d say to anyone considering joining
  • And so much more!

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