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In this episode, Cassandra welcomes the lovely Mikayla Victoria to the podcast to talk all things marketing, business, boundaries and using social media for good in this world.

Together they talk about:

  • Boundaries and social media (and why they are so key)
  • How social media can be used as an empowering tool for good
  • Using social media to authentically share
  • The best ways to grow online with strategies that feel empowering
  • The power of the unfollow and mute buttons on Instagram
  • Why being authentically YOU online is the most important strategy for growth

Mikayla is a Social Media Strategist & Certified Life Coach who helps creatives, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations grow their online presence and make an impact on their audience through connection and story-based marketing. She is also an MSc. Social Psychology candidate with research focused on how beliefs and attitudes translate to behavior.

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