Tantra and Awakening our Sacred Sexuality with Nadine Lee


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In this episode, Cassandra welcomes Nadine Lee of Tantric Alchemy to illuminate what tantra is and the power of our erotic nature. While tantra is a hot word in the Western world and may make you think of sex, there’s so much more to it than just that.

Cassandra and Nadine touch on:

  • What tantra really is and why the tantric path is different for everyone
  • How your erotic nature influences your life overall
  • Our inner feminine and masculine energies
  • The power of polarity in relationships
  • The dark shadow side of sexual healing
  • Nadine’s best tips to reconnect to your sacred sexual nature
  • An invitation to allow your sexual healing journey to look different than someone else's'
  • And so much more

This episode is deep!

Nadine Lee is the founder of Tantric Alchemy, which was birthed from her passion to raise consciousness of the planet. Nadine helps women awaken the divine feminine, in union with the divine masculine & to return home to self. Nadine is a teacher of the feminine tantric arts; feminine embodiment coach & nutritionist. At the core of her work, she expands the mind, body & soul of her clients. She helps clients break down conditionings and stories that bind them and hold them back from living their truest potential.


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