The Way of the Priestess with Dr. Sarah Coxon


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In this episode Dr. Cassandra interviews her dear friend and powerhouse woman Dr. Sarah Coxon. Together they deep dive into conversations surrounding the Priestess, living in our truth and what it means to follow the nudges of the Priestess.

In this episode you'll hear:

-who the Priestess is and how this archetype has existed for thousands of years

-what it means to feel the call to reconnect

-how connecting to the Priestess affects life, business and relationships

-the messy journey of healing

-and so much more

Dr. Sarah Coxon is an archaeologist turned yoga teacher, activist, author and business mentor for magical women. She helps women come out of the spiritual closet & live their feminine magic, not their conditioning. Women hire her to support them in embodying their feminine essence & building their authentic, impactful, ethical & sustainable business.

She is also the author of The Way of the Priestess: A Reclamation of Feminine Power & Divine Purpose, which is both a personal memoir and call to arms for any woman that feels trapped in a social cage that stifles her truest expression and longs to live an unapologetically fulfilled life.

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