61 Dr. Robert Brooks on Resilience in Children


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“The best advice I would give myself as a dad is to accept my children for who they are and reinforce their passions and islands of competence.”

Dr. Robert Brooks has been married for 57 years, has two sons and is a grandfather of four.

A clinical psychologist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and former Director of the Department at McLean Hospital, Dr Brooks has lectured nationally and internationally and authored or co-authored 19 books about resilience, kids, parenting, family, relationships & school.

The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were:

  • Be a charismatic adult to your - and other - children
  • Resilience is a mindset
  • Try and create positive micro moments - they can change the entire trajectory of your child's life

Please enjoy listening to 45 years of professional & decades of personal experience as a dad. A truly powerful session!

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