Anxiety Around Niching Down in Your Online Dance Business


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Do you have anxiety around niching down?

It’s like in dance class when a student isn’t executing a tendu devant property...

Example 1:

Teacher: point your toe hard

Student: 🤷🏽‍♀️

Example 2:

Teacher: lead with your heel, massage your toes on the floor, extend through the top of your ankle

Student: 💡

The same goes for niching down!

When you are vague people can’t connect the dots and in return, sales suffer. Just like when you are vague in giving a correction and student growth suffers.

When you are specific with your niche you are giving people a pathway to see if what you offer is actually what they need.

In episode #158 of the Dance Bos Podcast, I tell my story about when I first started my online dance business and was trying to serve everyone.

I also talk:

  • Fears behind niching down
  • Why niching down is so important
  • And, understand the difference between niching, messaging, positioning

Now tag me on IG @erinpride and tell me, do you have anxiety around niching down in your online dance business?

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