Making Money Online Sharing Your Dance Knowledge is More than Just Packaging and Posting


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My clients don’t always like what I have to say.

But I want them and you to build the dance business and life of your dreams. So I lead with love and honesty.

And my job as a coach is to help you get uncomfortable, because that’s where the growth happens.

It’s my job to support you on your journey to a transformation.

So today I want to challenge and inspire you with a perspective shift.

You may not like it but here it is:

Making money online and sharing your message is more than just creating a package and posting about it.

There. I said it!

There are so many working parts that go into creating a successful package, and in episode #140 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I dive into a social media marketing tip about how to format your packaging based on the framework you use to get your ideal client from a-z.

It’s time to get uncomfortable. Are you ready?

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