I Could Understand Original Ukulele and Vocals Demo


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Just a ukulele and vocals, very rare scheme for recording, came off the heels of recording an Inspiring Teachers podcast, had a purity that I did not want to take back with any more layers, certainly a contender to be remixed for the next album. Enjoy! Recorded and written in about an hour!

When your eyes aren't open,

When your feeling unfiltered, and tossed aside.

When you’re feeling lonesome.

I’ll be there to turn to you

I’ll be there to hear what you’re really thinking.

When the world’s not quite right.

When the upside down seems like right side up.

When you feel like you couldn’t be further from everything you feel you are.

You’re not by yourself.

There’s someone here for you.

I could understand

I could listen if you talk all night.

I could understand.

Any one could make this world better.

Boiling over,

Clarity sailed away to brighter skies,

Left you reeling,

Salmon stel resolve.

Don’t be put aside.

Don’t forget your worth more than any part of doubt that holds you.

I could understand

I could listen if you talk all night.

I could understand.

Find the words to make you feel right again.

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