Tribute to James Allen Producer to the Stars by Danny Hauger to My Big Brother


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I can't sleep, I keep thinking about stories about James Allen, Sports Lodge Producer, and our two years working together at Angels Radio AM 830. I was laying in bed reflecting on memories, sound sheets, guests, laughs, and how much our years working side by side, the two of us, meant to me, and it took me a half-night to realize how many ways he affected me. I recorded 12 minutes. I meant for it to be 2. I'm hopeful it might make it out on the air on AM 830, as a suitable memory of the quickest thing that came to mind, although there are many more stories, as we watched sports, life, and the world's events transpire over 2 years directly working together, and 5 years at the station. I'm going to talk to my 200 high school students about him today, donated to the GoFundMe, also seeing CaringBridge page, and wanted to thank you (the listeners of Am 830, friends and family of James, and AM 830) all for the experience of working with him, and you. In so many ways I wish I had stayed, or could have returned again. He really was the Producer to the Stars, an deserves that nickname, and I'll be forever grateful for our times together working, even when they were challenging. Rest in peace to a big brother I never had. Thank you James. Danny Hauger

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