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The topics we discussed:
•What is the importance of email list building vs social media?
•What's the most important thing for people marketing a book, film, coaching, etc.?
•Can you share some ROI Strategies for Authors and Coaches?
•How can folks reach their audience and engage them?
•Is there a way to know what to offer and how it benefits you and your audience?
•Are there specific strategies that will waste our time and we should avoid?
Chris Van Buren is the Founder of LaunchMoxie and VanBurenPublishing, Chris Helps Authors, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Personal Trainers, and others get a Better ROI on their Marketing investments. Chris’s background is in Online advertising, Affiliate Network building, and Campaign Management. Prior to Founding Companies, Chris Held Senior Positions in a boutique ad agency, specializing in CPA offers.
Christ has Also Published 15 books and numerous articles in many languages and helped many authors and specialists publish and market their work.
DARE TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY. Debbi Dachinger puts the ‘inspiration‘ back into podcasts in an award-winning show that is your #1 transformation conversation.
Award-winning "Dare to Dream" podcast, enjoyed by listeners for 14 years with host, Debbi Dachinger, offers strong conversation on metaphysics, quantum creating, law of attraction, healing, and extraterrestrials. Dare to do great things. Dare to shine by living a daring life! This cutting-edge program is filled with new, and fresh interviews. Subscribe! Leave a review; we read and appreciate them all!
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Debbi Dachinger is a certified coach whose expertise is Visibility in Media. She coaches people to write a page turner book, takes their book to a guaranteed international bestseller, AND pulls back the curtain, so clients have the system to be interviewed on media and podcast and get massive results. Debbi shows people how to find and use media exposure to locate their tribe, fill workshops, sell books, and gain exposure. Connect with Debbi: Get your free Template to learn what YOUR unique message is for your business:
Ready to challenge yourself and consider the possibilities? Join Debbi Dachinger, a long-time member of the make-your-dreams-happen influencers, as she interviews successful, brave, vulnerable, and spirit-based leaders’ powerful insights. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? What would it take for you to feel completely free and bold? When we let go of our dreams we settle for the status quo and follow a path that doesn’t fulfill our deeper purpose and passion. If the status quo makes you feel restless and bored, then you have a bigger purpose to fulfill. If you know there is a fire within you, and you are searching for a way to ignite it -- “Dare to Dream” is the podcast for you. Subscribe and listen now.
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