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-How Doug was transformed by encounters with advanced extra-terrestrials
-How to create a frequency relationship
-Universal principles that give the best connection with our Spirit guides and Higher Self?
-Atlantis and Lemuria lifetimes and technology
This episode is about UFOs and Extraterrestrials. The man you’re about to meet had a life-changing psychic encounter, finding himself inside a starship and telepathically communicating with its extraterrestrial occupants. My guest is Douglas Taylor who has spent his life researching the unique and powerful lessons available thru altered and transcended states of consciousness. Douglas is a multi-talented visionary artist, author, speaker, surfer, and home builder. During much of his youth, he was a surfer traveling around the world searching for that illusive perfect wave. In 1978, on one of his surfing trips to Puerto Rico, he experienced a life-changing psychic encounter, finding himself inside a starship and telepathically communicating with its extraterrestrial occupants. On his return from this trip, Douglas began having strange and wonderful psychic experiences that profoundly changed his life. Aided by a series of hundreds of beautiful communications in visions and dreams with extraterrestrial and celestial beings over the years, he continues to show his inspiration in his writing, painting, and teaching. Taylor’s Visionary and UFO paintings are considered to be some of the best in the world. In addition to national radio talk shows and interviews with film and television crews from around the world, he’s taught hundreds of classes and workshops, and wrote the enlightening book ‘Soulic Journeys.’ To learn more:
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