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We’ve been asked several times since returning from market about what we saw while there, what’s coming, what’s out, what we’re expecting, what the latest colors and trends are. We hadn’t been to market since before all the pandemic stuff, so we wanted to answer that call of those questions and we are so excited to share with you what we’ve seen and learned. We love antique rugs because they’re unique and you can’t find them anywhere else in the world, so we’ll go out and talk to our rug flipper who will pick up these old, but nice rugs which we can use to give spaces that unique, cosy, and happy look. We love going to market because we get to see these top quality setups and designs that designers have been spending 6 months on to present, which we then get to show to our own clients.
Have a piece of Alice Lane in your home for free 1:27
The color scheme 4:50
Antique rugs 6:23
Color is still a thing 8:29
Motion is important now 11:20
The diagonal arm and neutrals 12:35
More on color and rugs 15:31
Bedding 18:14
Metal 19:18
Vintage 21:06
Why we love going to market 26:43
“The nickel would look really fly with that bittersweet chocolate, I’m just gonna say, very Ralph Lauren, right? We’re still gonna see it and we’re still gonna mix metals, but gold isn’t out, guys. It’s still antique, it still has a trueness to it. It wasn’t just a brush gold.” “And we’re probably going to still choose it 70% of the time over nickel, but then nickel, we’re always gonna use nickel on a faucet, and I really don’t ever want to see gold silverware.” 19:56
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