Negotiation: From Board Room To Bedroom with David Johnson


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David Johnson teaches negotiation at Stanford Law School. We discuss multi-million dollar deals, navigating crucial personal conversations, and the top tips for being a better negotiator.

Who is David Johnson?

David Johnson has been teaching Negotiation at SLS annually since 2006, in conjunction with his full-time practice of law in Silicon Valley from 1996 to date. In addition, he is a Lecturer in the Hasso Plattner School of Design (a/k/a “the”), where he has recently completed the third instance of his new course, Negotiation by Design.

He has testified before the California Assembly on legislation addressing software liability. Thereafter he appeared before Congress, as lead counsel for the Business Software Alliance in hearings before the House Subcommittee for Science and Technology. He currently serves on the California State Bar Executive Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution, and its subcommittee on Education and Inclusivity. David is a regular speaker at conferences, seminars and panels on various subjects in law, science and technology, as well as negotiation.

David brings to his teaching a unique blend of breadth and depth in the practice of law. He began his career in the courtroom, with over 20 civil trials, jury and bench, state and federal. He has briefed and argued a dozen state appellate matters, with 6 opinions issued, including one state Supreme Court argument challenging the prima facie constitutionality of a sales tax on commercial speech. More recently, he was appointed as Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Washington in order to appear for the State before the Alaska Supreme Court in a case of first impression directly impacting all of Washington’s state-owned hospitals.


[13:50] Foundations of good negotiation

[23:07] The art of listening and observing

[33:15] Overplaying your position in negotiations

[40:26] Saving a company millions of dollars

[55:30] Negotiating against Steve Jobs

[1:03:10] Things that people should be doing better in negotiations


Richard Shell's Bargaining for Advantage

Walter Isaacson The Code Breaker

Difficult Conversations by Sheila Heen

The Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse



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