DT #327: Encore Episode - Add Some Futurist Thinking to Your Strategic Plan with Marty Vanagas


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Strategic planning for your community is great, but if you can add in a layer of futurist thinking, you can put together a very meaningful plan that gets ahead of the curve. Marty Vanagas is back to give us some tips for layering in this futurist thinking.

In this encore episode, Dennis gets some advice from Marty for starting this 'design thinking' for your organization and your community.

Some basic tips include:

-Be specific with your questions of the future. Determine a good focal question to begin the discussion.

-Imagine coming into your community for the very first time. What do you notice?

-Look at the environment around you and scan it for trends. How will those trends adjust in the future?

-Challenge old ways of thinking.

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