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We continue our interviews with the first part of our discussion with the author of nonfiction brands - DP Knudten. His book sparked my interest, and now we get to sit down and talk to him. We cover a lot about brands, both personal and corporate. Thus, you will have a better grasp of these concepts after listening to him.

NonFiction Brands - Sell To The Right Audience

A common misconception of advertisers is that they sell items to people that do not need them. Contrary to that, DP focuses on nonfiction brands as a path to get the audience that wants your product. The key point is that we will build better relationships with customers when we have what they need. That also makes the sale much easier. They need our product. Therefore, we need to point out how it meets their needs. Advertising becomes almost responsive instead of proactive and in your face.

Brands And Emotions

There is always an emotional appeal in the best marketing. It is one thing to sell features, but another to sell how they make the buyer feel. Think of the opposite of buyer's remorse. A brand predicts a pleasant experience and post-sale feeling for the buyer. Likewise, a personal connection in the sales process will help provide a warmer experience than a cold corporate approach.

A Little Background

DP’s worked on some of the biggest brands in the business, including Coca-Cola®, The Athlete’s Foot®, and ClosetMaid®, during tenures at DDB Needham (Chicago), McCann Erickson (Atlanta), and creative shops in Denver, Sarasota, and Madison, WI.

He is the author of "NONFICTION BRAND—Discover, craft and communicate the ‘completely true / completely you’ brand you already are," and co-author of "ROTOMA—The ROI of Social Media 'Top of Mind'" and the creator-host of the popular podcasts, The ROTOMA Podcast and NONFICTION BRAND. He is also a keynote speaker and clinician in branding, social media, creativity, and culture for groups throughout the United States.

Contacting DP

You can learn from DP directly or as a student of his experience. First, DP has a podcast called Non-Fictions Brands. I highly recommend you give it a listen. However, you might desire other ways to follow him or send a message. You can do that through his personal website. Check out the links below.

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