Psychedelics and Neuroplasticity with Toby Pasman


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Toby Pasman is a neurophysiology researcher and founder of Roscoe's Wetsuit Neuro, an applied neuroscience company utilizing neurotechnology including QEEG Brain Mapping, EEG Neurofeedback, and transcranial stimulation to drastically improve brain health and help people achieve peak cognitive performance. Toby has a Master's of Psychology from Lynn University and is board-certified in QEEG Brain Mapping and EEG Neurofeedback. Toby is also the host of the applied neuroscience and psychology show, the Roscoe's Wetsuit Neuro Podcast. Roscoe's Wetsuit Neuro Website (15% off discount for listeners!) Roscoe's Wetsuit Neuro Podcast Roscoe's Wetsuit Neuro Youtube Channel

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