3: A conversation with Lynnda Pollio and Ritu Kaushal


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I am delighted to bring you today's episode which officially marks the launch sequence for the release of my first book :) This is my fireside conversation with Lynnda Pollio & Ritu Kaushal, two of the contributing authors to my forthcoming book, The Indie Author.

We talk about things like:

- "What drew you to writing?"
- Lynnda + Ritu share their writing process for their books, Trusting the Currents and The Empath's Journey
- Indie publishing as a way to write from an authentic place, rather than writing for a particular genre
- What 'marketing' has looked like for Ritu and Lynnda

πŸ“– buy a copy of The Indie Author: https://theindieauthor.net

πŸ“ find notes, links to Lynnda and Ritu's books, or see this conversation on video, at: indiewriter.net/episode3

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