#48: Sandra Etherington on using Myers-Briggs to enhance her parenting and family life*


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*This is an episode I published under the podcast's old title: 'the INF Club podcast'. In August 2021, I renamed the podcast 'Diary of an indie writer' (see more below).

Sandra is a mom of a 5 year old and an 8 year old. She is the owner of Family Personalities and the co-host of the Family Personalities podcast, a fun and sometimes cheesy podcast, that uses personality type to help change the way you see your family. Sandra uses her experience and training in Myers-Briggs personality type, to work one on one with families, helping them parent more effectively and compassionately based on their children's unique wiring and needs.

We talk about:
- What it's been like for introverted and intuitive parents during the pandemic (with the kids at home)
- Sandra's experiences with using MBTI to parent her two children
- Expectations vs idealism as a parent: how to let go, embrace the reality, and connect with the now
and more

Episode notes: https://infclub.net/shownotes/episode-48-sandra-etherington-infj-on-using-myers-briggs-to-enhance-her-parenting-and-family-life

ℹ️ In August 2021, the podcast was renamed from 'the INF Club podcast' to 'Diary of an indie writer'.

Episode 68 is the first episode I published under 'Diary of an indie writer'.

All episodes prior to Episode 68 were published under 'the INF Club podcast', and they have been left as they were originally published.

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