How Do I Know If I Should Drink Less Alcohol Ft. Holly Whitaker


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On this Thursday’s episode, Sami and Aleen are joined by author of the book “Quit Like A Woman” and founder of Tempest, an organization that helps individuals live an alcohol free life, Holly Whitaker. They begin by discussing what it’s like to start drinking at a young age and then decide to quit alcohol in your 30s. Next, they explore what it’s like to use alcohol to fit in, find romantic connections, and what it means to have a comfortable relationship with alcohol. Holly shares her path to understanding that alcohol isn’t for her and explains how she used to work under the impression that you needed to make alcohol work for you. Then, they discuss being informed about what alcohol does to us and what it means to quit like a woman. Lastly, they read a Dear DST about starting to drink more during quarantine and how to proceed into post-quarantine life with or without alcohol.

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