How to spice up your live streams and turn your continuous content into a show! [with Dre de Vera]


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When I started Digital Marketing Radio in 2014 there were 150,000 podcasts. Now, there are over 2 million of them. YouTube’s seen the same exponential growth - there are around 40 million YouTube channels in 2021.

What does that mean to you as a content creator?

You can’t be average any more! You need to work on your audio quality, your video quality and your production value. Your competition in 2021 is anything that competes for your audience’s attention. Your competition is Netflix. And if your content quality is bad, people aren’t going to stick around.

In this, episode 258 of Digital Marketing Radio we’re going to be looking at how to create a top quality, highly engaging show on YouTube, helping you to drive engagement and retain your audience.

Joining me to discuss that is a man with over 15 years of experience in search engine optimization - he's currently the Search Marketing Global Lead at Workday and founder and Host of the SEO Video Show on YouTube - welcome to DMR - Dre de Vera.

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