The Role of Digital Technology in the Modern Customer Experience


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On episode 1 of the Digitally Irresistible podcast, our featured guest is PJ Singh, Chief Digital Officer at iQor. We discuss with PJ the role of digital technology in the modern customer experience. PJ reveals the importance of meeting the customer where they are in their journey to deliver answers and solutions.

Consumers want answers to questions fast. Digital technology plays a dramatic role in a speedy and effective customer care experience.

Many consumers use their mobile device to contact a brand. The expectation is that the brand recognizes the consumer and can provide 24/7 support through robotic processes that understand natural language and understands how to help.

This modern customer experience model is not a cost center. The service center of today creates brand loyalty, renewals, cross-sells. It creates revenue. Without a great customer experience, the consumer won’t come back. A great customer experience is a competitive differentiator.

The biggest advantage of digital technology in service to the end customer is the convenience factor. How quickly can we answer their questions?

The advantage of digital technologies in customer care delivery to the brand is mostly financial, reducing time to process transactions, simplifying the design of a product, cross-selling or sustaining customer loyalty, all by leveraging agents’ use of omnichannel communication.

Digital technology solutions in customer service strengthen brand loyalty and cross-selling success, which can result in that coveted stickiness every brand desires.

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