60. Rollerball (1975 and 2002)


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Allen and Chris strap on the studded gloves…..

1975’s Rollerball, directed by Norman Jewison and starring James Caan as the fictional sport’s superstar player Jonathan E, delivered not only action but a thoughtful examination of individuality and freedom.

Cut to 2002 and John McTiernan, director of Die Hard and Predator, two of the greatest action flicks ever, helms the remake. Surely this will, at the very least, deliver on visceral thrills….right?

In this episode

-the dumbest criticism of old movies

-James Caan: a manly man

-LL Cool J and American Pie: the college years

-The shadowy Rebecca Romijn–Stamos

-Jean Reno: the man behind the man, or something

-Nielson? BARB? Meet the new rating system that blows them out the water.

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