64. Friday the 13th 7 and 8 (The New Blood and Jason Takes Manhattan)


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More like Jason BORE-hees, am I right fellas?

We return to Camp Crystal lake for the third time to round out the ‘Paramount era’ of Friday the 13th fims with 7th and 8th films in franchise.

7: The New Blood, has Jason Vorhees take on a psychic. While 8: Jason Takes Manhattan, finally sees the horror icon leave Crystal Lake for the big city. Jason Vs 'Carrie'! Jason Vs NY gangs! With killer concepts like that, these films can’t lose! Can they?

In this episode

  • Jason gets used to the water
  • Bad psychic battle tactics
  • Confusing timelines
  • Confusing travel times
  • Negligent electrical companies
  • And perhaps the biggest question of all, can Chris bear to watch any more of this film series?

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