Bonus Episode: Chicago Critics Film Festival Preview


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The Chicago Critics Film Association throws an annual film fest, giving the public a chance to see buzzed-about unreleased films that deserve to be seen on the big screen. This year's lineup includes a 40th anniversary 35mm midnight screening of Michael Mann's THIEF in addition to several titles that critics are raving about including Maggie Gyllenhall's THE LOST DAUGHTER and Jane Campion's THE POWER OF THE DOG among several other titles that I’m excited to see. Not to mention Collin Souter’s incredible mixtape / playlist of short films that are playing Saturday afternoon too!

Joining me to review a few of the titles that's he seen is returning guest Bill Ackerman who will soon enough be contributing his own bonus content for this podcast in the form of an interview with the great Abel Ferrara! Thank you so much to Bill and please come out to the Music Box this coming weekend (November 12-14) for one exciting lineup that is previewed and discussed here on this episode! Thanks to all the hard-working Chicago critics that put this wonderful event together.

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