2021 KTM 125 XC First Impressions - Ep 71


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7.3 Hours

I feel really comfortable on the bike - familiar
Love the electric start

Bike is really light - 220 lbs - feels like there is nothing there sometimes. This is a blessing and a curse - Can put the bike anywhere, but it's moving around down there and you have to flow with it.

Swapping from KX250X and the 125 XC yesterday - made the KX feel heavy

Carbs - Used 3 carbs already on the bike - lot of tuning already - SC2 carb working the best of all of them so far.

It's got plenty of power.... as long as you stay in the power - not much power down low

This thing rips in the desert and has no trouble lofting the front wheel over ditches as long as you are in the meat of the power.

Highly recommend this bike to several people

  • Teenagers moving up to a full sized bike
  • Newer riders wanting to refine their riding skills and clutch skills
  • Seasoned riders looking to have a change of pace bike and sharpen the skills that might have dulled over time. - You have to get after it!
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