Ep. 83 - KX 250X vs YZ250FX Would You Rather?


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Motors - Ultimate winner is the Yamaha

  • Both motors pull really hard and are a ton of fun.
  • YZ250FX has an advantage with the Yamaha Power tuner App - so cool to be able to change maps that way. Better than the Modules you change on the KX. Yes, I know you can buy the Kawi Calibration kit, but how many people spend the few $700 for it?

Suspension - Tie

  • Both of the 250 versions of these bike use KYB forks.
  • Both of them are valved a bit more for going fast, or riding some smaller tracks than for doing slower enduro riding.
  • Both bikes give me an incredible amount of confidence and feel.

Chassis - Tie

  • Both bikes give me confidence with a super "planted" and settled feel
  • I love the narrow feeling of the KX. Feels super narrow when riding it.
  • I like that Kawi lets you move the foot-pegs a bit. I wish they moved back more, but it's a start and I wish all bike makers allowed this.
  • Both kickstands sucked. The Yami has that huge spring that caught on my boots. The KX is sticking out like some sort of out rigger.
  • Kawi uses a "thin" clutch lever and brake lever. You notice it right off the bat and I thought I'd hate it, but it didn't bother me on the trails.
  • They both use Nissin brakes, and while they are sometimes a little more Grabby than a Brembo, I ultimately have too much issue. The main thing is it's harder for me to feather the rear brake on the Kawi than some other bikes.
  • Kawasaki KX250X has hydro clutch

Transmission - Yamaha

  • Yamaha uses the WR 6 speed transmission. Although it's not exactly what I want, it's better than MX gearing for off road riding
  • Kawasaki uses 5 speed MX gearing. Isn't too bad for single track riding, but shows it's short legs when riding faster, more open terrain. Becomes an issue when connecting trails. Needs another gear.

Air Box - Yamaha

  • This Kawasaki air-box is so dumb. Needs 8mm and 10mm to remove air-box cover. Then the filter is the hardest filter to change of any modern bike I've ever had.

Final Score is YZ250FX =4 while the KX250X =2

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