Episode 172: Augustria Part Four: Where We're Going, We Don't Need DAC (ft Robin Pohlman of Wine Workshop)


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The boys are joined by the Austrian whisperer, Robin Pohlman of Wine Workshop to discuss the weirdo lunatic fringe of Lower Austria, theology and how to be cool with aromatic whites. Yeah, we fucking laughed. Yeah we cried. Yeah we learned. You're in the right place you weirdo. ////LIST////
Martin and Anna Arndorfer, Chardonnay / Nueburger, 'Die Lidenschaft,' 2017//
Weingut Schodl, 'Free your mind,' 2020//
Schramel 2.0, 'Alternativ Orange,' 2019//
EIn Quantum, 'Pennyroyal Tea / Smells like Teen Spirit Rot,' 2018////
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