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DnDin’ is a podcast where good good friends play Dungeons and Dragons 5E together. The podcast was started as a way for them all to still see each other, as they all live in different states now. It is an actual-play podcast focusing on storytelling and having fun. In Campaign 2 there are 3 groups of adventures on concurrent missions that sometimes cross: The Pops Brigade follows the adventures of Nobuh (Cara), Crash (Jackie), Elyssa (Erin), Jonny Noble (Richard), and Pops (Peter). The Foodies follows the adventures of Garaage (Matt), Amaryllis (Chelsea), Lady SallyForth (Bess), and Finn (Andrew). The BFFs follows the adventures of Soot (Jonas), Din (Tom), and Peg (Eli). New episodes are released twice a month.

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