Immigrant Rights at the Border - Alejandra Martinez


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Episode 28

Guest: Alejandra Martinez

Host: Shimon Cohen, LCSW

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In this episode, I talk with Alejandra Martinez, who is the Workshop Coordinator of the Border Rights Project of Al Otro Lado, a bi-national, social justice legal services organization serving deportees, migrants, and refugees in Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego and Los Angeles, California. Alejandra talks about the incredibly challenging conditions faced by people who are migrating and seeking asylum and the inhumane U.S. policies such as an illegal waitlist, the highly controversial family separation, and the MPP-Migrant Protection Protocol law, also known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy, as well as how U.S. asylum procedures are constantly changing and unpredictable. She explains that she and her team provide a safe, supportive space in Tijuana, where they acknowledge the trauma and long journey many asylum seekers and migrants have experienced. Alejandra discusses how the Border Rights Project provides legal orientation and a “Know Your Rights” session for asylum seekers, as well as connects them to additional services such as shelters and medical care. She tells how Al Otro Lado recently reunited 29 families who had been separated, and she shares how she got into this work. I hope this conversation inspires you to action.

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