184: Deradicalization vs. Punching Nazis?


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Matt Binder takes a look at the controversial discussion between Briahna Joy Gray and Talia Lavin on the Bad Faith podcast. Does the left coalition build and work to deradicalize white supremacist and neo-nazis? Or should nazis be run out of town, with force if necessary? Also: Matt discusses how he has recently been unfairly demonetized by YouTube but how this mistake by the company does not mean censorship. On the patron half of the show: It's BONUS episode #100! More discussion about Briahna Joy Gray and Talia Lavin's debate, Briahna's post-show commentary, and her controversial appearance about it all on The Hill. Also: Nicki Minaj's anti-vax comments and more! (Episode from the September 145 2021 livestream show). Support the show: http://www.patreon.com/mattbinder

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