Prodromal Labor


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Have you ever wondered:

  • How does a birth-giver really know labor is starting?
  • What if it's (the dreaded) "False Labor"??
  • "Why isn't my body doing what it's supposed to do?"
  • Is there something wrong when labor doesn't seem to start the way birth class explained it?

Everybody talks about the physical aspects of active labor. Birth-givers and their families are often waiting for and focused on 2 signs: either water breaking or contractions.
But what if contractions do come...and then stop...and then start again...and on and on? What does it mean? Is there something wrong? What should a birth-giver do?
We're talking about what can cause prodromal (aka "false") labor and what a birth-giver can do if it happens.
Also in this episode: Exie recently unveiled her new lovely logo and business name. Go check it out on her new Landing Page when you have a chance

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