Season 5 Ep 11: Baby feet kicking you out of bed


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Tamara kicks off the episode by sharing about her productive day, even if it started by sleeping in. A friend might have been surprised that she could even sleep in till 10:00 am. Tamara's heart might have fluttered today trying to transition from a hot laundry room to a freezing cold AC living room. Rheannon has some exciting news of picking up a kayak to keep building her Armada. In less fun, although just as hilarious, news Rheannon was woken up with baby feet to the gut. Turns out she was kicked out of bed by a toddler. To be fair he is spunky and a very large toddler. The struggle of losing TV remotes continue for everyone. Tamara shares her solution of just unplugging the TV, when she is ready to sleep nothing will stop her! This episode goes downhill fast.

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