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After riding the highs and lows of the ketogenic diet, Leanne Vogel made a HUGE discovery that made this diet finally become sustainable for her and the many women who've been listening to her podcast, The Keto Diet Podcast. In today’s podcast, this passionate Nutrition Educator shares her personal experience with Dr. Jockers and explains why the ketogenic diet works differently for women because of their hormonal differences from men. The diet itself – foods composed of healthy high fat and quality protein – is similar, as well as the need for fasting to boost the production of ketones. Where it differs is in the timing. Discover how the women’s cycle becomes the key player for success in the keto journey. Find out the best time of the month to fast, when to carb up, and the best carb sources Leanne recommends so you won’t stall your progress.

“Just being mindful of our cycle and adjusting our macronutrients to fit our cycle, that’s the biggest thing.”

- Leanne Vogel

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In This Episode:

- Why, why, why are most ketogenic diets so effective for women at first – then start to wane.

- Don’t be afraid of eating “high fats.” We debunk the fallacies that scare women off from getting a good start on the ketogenic lifestyle.

- What key precautions women need to take before they embark on the ketogenic journey (and how they pay off)

- The best way to fight off keto flu (before it starts) and other challenges that come with being a woman on a ketogenic diet

- Signs that you need to ramp up or dial down your carb intake – and why it matters for women to cycle in and out of ketosis.

- What makes keto magically mimic fasting and your secret formula to staying the course when you feel hungry

- How much is enough when you carb up? Get invaluable advice on when to incorporate carbs in your keto diet.


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