Shopping for Success on an Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Plan with Melissa Nohr


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This is a special episode because we’re doing something we all love to do –well, at least, the majority love to do. Melissa Nohr is going to take us SHOPPING! Yep, you heard it right! And what could be more exciting than vetting the things that should top our must-buy list to fill the tummy! Melissa was a successful litigator who decided to give her health a makeover, then certified as a holistic nutritionist. She’s been working with Dr. Jockers for years as a health coach and is passionate about helping individuals overcome complex health issues, particularly autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. Have a pen and paper ready so you can list all the food items she’ll be sharing, so you can finally start eating healthier and live happier!

“Don’t trust the labels. Always look at the ingredients. There’s all this kind of stuff they put in food and you need to be aware of that.”

- Melissa Nohr

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In This Episode:

- The BIGGEST MISTAKES people make when they buy food and how to rectify those bad habits.

- Revamp your nutrition plan and start shopping for food items that are anti-inflammatory, gut-friendly, and easy on the budget! Simply divide food into THESE categories of what you should and should NOT buy!

- The best types of fats to eat versus the worst sources of fats to AVOID at all costs!

- Surprising causes of acne in teenagers (Spoiler alert: the tooth fairy won’t be delighted to hear this) and how to dial down the derma drama.

- How to tap into your kids’ passions then link those interests to eating better food – without nagging.

- Why coconut flour is your ally to sweeten veggies naturally to make them tastier for your whole family.


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