Using Nutrient-Dense Food for Detoxification with Dr. BJ Hardick


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Dr. BJ Hardick joins Dr. Jockers to explore the amazing wonders of what we call “foods of the earth.” Discover where these foods thrive, how to access them when you’re in places where they’re rarely available, and what types of abundant nutrients they offer your body to great benefit. He also shares the importance of allowing the body to go through the detoxification process and what nutrient-dense foods work best in that process. Ultimately, learn how the ketogenic diet helps achieve the best results of detoxification.

“Oftentimes, when people think that they’re hungry, it’s all mindset.”

- Dr. BJ Hardick

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In This Episode:

- How athletes thrive and perform at their best on a diet of low starch carbohydrates, quality fats, and quality proteins – and how you CAN too.

- Is that your hunger or your thirst calling you? Find your center for each one and how to read their signals to tell them apart.

- The contrast between what to feed a normal body versus a sick one. What specific diet works best for each condition?

- How to add “foods of the earth” to your next shopping list and how many of them grow near you.

- The SIMPLEST elimination process possible so you can start tweaking your diet and position yourself for a HUGE upswing in your health.

- 3 BASIC diet changes that can move you towards vastly improving your health.

- The BEST nutrient-dense foods that help the body detox and how they create the foundation of detoxification.


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