Dr. Natalie Ham explains homeopathy and how it can help you!


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Dr. Natalie Ham is a naturopathic medical doctor focusing on treating women’s health issues with homeopathy. When she attended Arizona State University as a pre-med student, something did not feel quite right with going down the path of a traditional doctor. She then met a Naturopathic Doctor who explained how Naturopathic Medicine differed from traditional allopathic medicine. She wanted to know everything about it and was completely hooked. Healing people without drugs and surgery felt like it was some kind of a miracle and she wanted to know everything about it. Something felt very right with using this method of healing and she now knew she needed to be a Naturopathic Doctor.

After completing her undergraduate degree at ASU, she went on to study medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences to obtain her medical degree. Around the same time as enrolling at SCNM she saw a Naturopathic doctor who healed her insomnia with homeopathy. She was so impressed as nothing seemed to help the way homeopathy did and decided she needed to focus on using homeopathy in her practice. Upon passing both sets of board exams, she was offered a residency position at SCNM.

During this time, homeopathy was a specific focus in her practice, and she was fortunate to be trained by Dr. Stephen Messer, ND, who also became her mentor, in addition to further training by Dr. Andre Saine’s conferences in Montreal. Dr Stephen Messer opened up a Homeopathic residency after her traditional residency for an additional year of training with more focus in homeopathy. Dr. Ham was the first recipient of the Homeopathic residency at SCNM which still continues today. She currently operates Nourish Natural Medical Center in Tempe, AZ in partnership with a colleague. http://www.nourishnaturalmedicine.com/

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