Gifts from the Edge: Lessons and Stories from the other side with Claudia Watts Edge


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Claudia Watts Edge’s happy childhood suddenly fell apart at age 16 when her beloved father was killed in a work-related accident. Her father's death served as a catalyst, creating a thirst for answers, and this led her, in the 1970’s, to Raymond Moody’s writings about Near-Death Experiences, NDEs.

The search was further heightened when Claudia had a profound near-death experience in 1984, when she and her new-born baby died together in a placenta-related disaster. Her journey into fully understanding her NDE took over 30 years to evolve, and as a result, she has written two books exploring the spiritual mysteries of the Other Side as seen through her memories and dreams. They are titled, Gifts from the Edge: Stories of the Other Side and Volume Two: Lessons from the Other Side.

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