DB 249: You Can Learn Anything. Here’s Proof!


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This week’s episode is inspired by Lisa Bilyeu, and specifically her journey from being a traditional housewife to the cofounder of a billion dollar company. For over 8 years, Lisa played the role of a traditional stay-at-home wife to her husband Tom. This was actually a one-year plan at the start, as she was supporting Tom’s effort to build a film business. But eventually Tom pivoted and launched Quest Nutrition, and asked Lisa if she would help fulfill orders of the company’s protein bars from their living room floor. Lisa stepped up to help, and ended up doing far more than stuffing boxes from their house! Quest Nutrition grew 57,000% in 3 years time, earning a billion-dollar valuation and ranking as the #2 fastest growing company in North America by Inc. Magazine in 2014. So how did Lisa go from a stay-at-home wife with absolutely no experience in shipping or logistics to leading a huge team and managing tens of millions of dollars in inventory? Lisa recently shared her secret to learning anything, and today Eva is sharing Lisa’s secret with all the Big Dreamers :) For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/249

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