DB 254: Push (A Tad Bit) Outside Of Your Comfort Zone


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We were listening to Lewis Howes interview Rich Roll, a man who transformed his life from being an alcoholic and drug addict to one of the fittest men in the world. Lewis was asking Rich about how to achieve your big dreams. Rather than just giving the stereotypical answer like “you have to go for it, be bold, take massive action,” Rich gave a much more practical answer that Eva thought was super helpful and wanted to share with all the Big Dreamers. Specifically, Rich shared that when you push outside of your comfort zone, the best strategy is to just push a tad bit outside. Start with an action today that doesn’t involve a lot of risk. You need to get outside of the comfort zone because that is where growth happens, but you can start small, build your confidence, and then take an additional step. Eva applies Rich’s lesson to her own experience as a podcaster, and how her growth these past 5 years has come from many little steps outside of her comfort zone rather than one huge one. Thank you Rick for this very practical advice, and reminder that Big Dreams don’t happen overnight but require incremental progress over a long period of time! For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/254

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