Reclaiming the Mythos of our Feminine Bodies ~ Jen Murphy


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In this episode with Jen Murphy, we dive into the connection between mythology and the feminine body, with a special focus on the myths of ancient Ireland.
As women, we are indoctrinated into so many false narratives about our bodies from a very young age...stories that can take us away from the true essence of who we are and our embodied wisdom.
We are living in powerful times where we can re-write these stories and reclaim the power of living embodiment. Tales of the mythic feminine and her archetypal energies can help guide us back to buried and forgotten aspects of self...breathing life into a felt-sense of sacredness & sovereignty that sings in our blood and bones.
In this conversation we talk about ancient mythology, ancestral embodiment, the power of the mythic feminine, reclaiming the wisdom of our bodies, and re-wilding ourselves as women.

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