Billionaires in Outer Space, a good idea? Dr. Bruce Damer weighs in after the epic flight of Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos. Aliens in Inner Space? Open lines for that one..


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This week, with the launch of Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origins spacecraft, our focus was on billionaires pioneering outer space as opposed to nation states footing the bill. Is this a positive direction for exploring the final frontier? Dr. Bruce Damer, who has sourced many NASA projects over the years, weighs in the topic, as do we and many of our callers.

There are two very different versions of outer space exploration these, one the more traditional rockets and spaceships, the other traveling via the ether of inner space. One caller thought we should take an idea of Art Bell’s playbook and have an ‘alien line,’ for aliens to call in to the show, assuming that many aliens are here, via the inner realms of consciousness. A fun show that touches on many ways to think about exploring space. Enjoy!

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