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“Oh where oh where did our little sample go?” This question of the moment for NASA, regarding the missing Martian sample, the very first sample extracted from the Martian regolith by ‘Percy’, our drill-equipped rover on the red planet. Greg P from Long Beach texted, “The Chinese rover stole it!” Hmmm, now just where did that Chinese rover land?

Sleuthing the “Thermal Inertial Signature” of an asteroidDid you know you tell tell what materials are in a rock by it’s heat signature? Yep, NASA has pioneered sensors measuring not just the heat emanating from an asteroid, but it’s ‘thermal inertia signature,’ the changes in asteroid temperature as it hurtles towards or away from the Sun., thereby calculating what materials make up the rock. You can identify a material by the way it heats up or cools down. Who knew?

Our Covid focus this week covers No Agenda’s latest assasination attempt on CNN, regarding their ‘pathetic’ attempts to get more Covid advertising dollars. We play and discuss the one minute video (Thanks No Agenda, for clip) of Fauci suggesting that anti-viral pills are in the future..“‘PfizerMectin’, anyone?”

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