Future News & Interview - NFT marries AI, VTOL Orlando, Molnupiravir, and Kyer Wiltshire and his new photo book, "Natural Beauty"


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Remember Non-Fungible Tokens, a new kind of baseball card type currency we have often discussed on the show? Well, what happens when you combine NFTs with AI? Money talks? NFTs walk? You’ll have to tune in for that insanity! We also discuss the latest with flyihng cars, and the new Covid treatment, Molnupiravir.
We have our tribal photographer, Kyer Wiltshire, in the studio today, to discuss his latest media creation, a coffee table sized book photo book, entitled, “Natural Beauty.” (https://kyernaturalbeauty.com). The photos reflect the two photographic subject Kyer is truly about, the natural beauty of the outdoors in alignment with the awesome beauty of gorgeous women in the nude. Truly a treat for the heart and soul, enjoy!
Kyer with Dr.Mrs. Future and his new book, “Natural Beauty”

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