Future News - New Martian Flight record, Hubble explores Ganymede, Bebot on the Beach!


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Great news for our little Martian helicopter; it’s succeeded in flying more than a mile and is now the aerial scout for the mothership rover, Perseverance! And with Hubble back online we will now continue to receive new info on the mysteries of space. This week Hubble data on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede, reveals how the Sun is melting the ice, from soooo far away (half a billion miles).

And for those of us who like clean beaches, there is now a new robot, a Roomba for sand, known as BeBot, which can do the work of 20-30 people in cleaing the beach! That’s great, but gee, I wonder what else Bebot can do? We answer that question.. enjoy!

Bebot doing its thing

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