Interview - Dr. Ralph Abraham on his new book- "Vibrations and Forms - Findings from Psychedelic Adventures"


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Our esteemed elder has a deep history in the Santa Cruz area as a professor of mathematics at UCSC and a recognized father of Chaos Theory, a historian of the counter-culture and a researcher/explorer of higher dimensions of consciousness.

In this spirited conversation regarding his new book, Vibrations and Forms, we touch on the importance of LSD, DMT, and some knowledge from his spirtual explorations for understanding higher dimensions of reality. He speaks of the significance of modeling vibrational forms, as in the realm of cymatics, the glass harmonium, telepathy and sympathetic vibrations, the quantum vacuum as a model for the Akashic Record, the blending of metaphysical knowledge with math, dreams of the future and science fiction as the new mystical literature. Enjoy!

Dr. Ralph Abraham

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