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Dr. Mrs. Future Show with ‘Be Wilder’ 8.17.2021

It’s been quite a week for us all, from dealing with nasty old Delta to the Afghani transition. And then there’s the Haitian storm on top of an earthquake…My oh my..Climate Change? Or is it something even bigger than that? Maybe the Singularity is happening, novelty is increasing, change is the new normal, and we should just get used to it. Why? Because I believe we are heading in the direction we want to go, even though sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. I believe most of us want a happy healthy life for us all and the other ‘passengers’ on this planet, Space Ship Earth. We’re simply experiencing a few bumps on the road as things evolve.

photo - Jalil Rezaee, EPA

One of our conversational threads in this show reflected on how some Taliban are millenials with smart phones and most of the country’s populace have had the internet for the last 20 years. If knowledge indeed is power, then this generation of connected Afghani’s is bound to create something new in terms of political structure. It’ll be fun to see upcoming shows on the evolving lifestyle (and morals) of an evolving Afghani Taliban millenial. Many therapists believe that the degradation of women stems from self-hate, and I suspect those wounds will soon become seen. And the internet helps with this process by connecting the local therapists with wise ones in other locales, thereby increasing the awareness locally of how to treat in specific situations. Provided, of course, that the Taliban allow the Internet. I suspect, since the Chinese have not left the country, that the Net will become more like the Chinese system..we’ll see..Meanwhile enjoy the show, may your neurons be stimulated, and please think about particpating (i.e. calling in) for the next one!

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