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This week a brilliant but surprisingly sombre affair from London-based artist Theo Adamson.

An exquisite journey through history and heritage, his first contribution takes us on a slow dance

around the globe; free fall in time.

1 Kate Bush – Hello Earth (Outro)

2 Kiyohiko Senba & His Haniwa All Stars – 奇妙な果実

3 Paul Mark, His Orchestra and Voices – Mizuiro No Waltz

4 Dan English – Soft Petal

5 Jimmy Scott – Sycamore Trees

6 The Norman Luboff Choir – In the Gloaming

7 Like a Villain & Vantzou – From Below

8 Martha Skye Murphy – Found Out

9 Eartheater – Faith Consuming Hope

10 Arca – Madreviolo

11 Meredith Monk – Do You Be

12 Caterina Barbieri – Fantas Variation for Voices (feat. Evelyn Saylor, Lyra Pramuk, Annie Garlid & Stine Janvin)

13 Athanasios Argianas – Music Sideways (Canon for Three Voices)

14 Smerz – The Favourite

15 Oliver Coates – Rhyme

16 Gerty Molzen – Walk on the Wild Side

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