Anti-Racist Work in Early Childhood: A Conversation with Tina Sykes


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Episode 53 is with guest and Arizona early childhood education colleague, Tina Sykes. Tina Sykes is a social justice advocate, a poet a wife and parent to three children. Our conversations about the recent murder of #GeorgeFloyd online sparked an opportunity to have a candid conversation on the podcast about racism, white centric views in early childhood and the connection of social emotional development in social justice work. This topic was HEAVY.

A call for deep reflection along with some websites to add to your teacher toolkit were also discussed. A big thank you to all of the amazing black women, and IBPOC in my personal and professional circles leading the change in this work!

Check out Tina Wiggins Sykes on Facebook or connect with her on Linkedin.

Some notable resources:

Dr. Kira Banks from Raising Equity

Woke Kindergarten

Indigo Cultural Center

Ijuma Jordan

Will Start Small

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